Our Office is now Closed for Clinical Care. At Paradigm Dental Center, we have always led our operation from a heart space. We have grown to love our patients and community like family, and we want to be as open about this process as possible. It is our hope that the following FAQs (below) help to clarify any concerns you may have about our closure.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is everything OK? Did Dr. Rosenthal lose her practice? Did it fail?2022-09-29T20:21:54-05:00

Quite naturally, these may be a few of the many questions to come to mind for those who genuinely care about our practice and team. To answer this question, “Yes, everything is OK. All is well!” If you are a patient, you have a first-hand account of the challenge of getting an appointment due to the demand, and our small space neglects to accommodate the numerous requests we receive for appointments.

We understand that such an announcement may cause worry or concern especially with a thriving business, and it can be a default for many to think that something had to be wrong for it to close. Change is inevitable, and there are times when we outgrow spaces (literally and figuratively) that we may have even created for ourselves.

Why are you closing?2022-09-29T20:21:46-05:00

Closing our dental practice was a tough decision and was not made in haste. It has been an honor to serve the Mid-South for almost 16 years. The answer to this question is multi-layered, but to simplify the response, our lease terminates September 30, 2022 and renewing it under the conditions of the current space was not an option. Over the years, the shopping complex has seen a decline in upkeep from management, and the safety and security of our team and patients were becoming high risk. Finding a suitable location to purchase in such a short period of time in this real estate market with rising interest rates was challenging. Closing is the best alternative at present.

We acknowledge that this announcement may cause emotions to stir with some of our beloved patients. We’ve prayed together, attended baby showers, weddings, birthday parties, watched kids grow up, and the list could go on and on. To us, you were (and are) more than just a patient. You were (and remain) our family. We’ve had tears of joy and sadness thinking of the last day when this all becomes final. We are so grateful for your trust, support, and love over the years and are honored that we had a chance for connection. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts!

Where will Dr. Rosenthal practice next?2022-09-29T20:21:40-05:00

Dr. Rosenthal has decided to take a brief sabbatical from private practice ownership and will be serving as a temporary dentist in the coming months to assist her colleagues. As an owner, she understands the frustrations of not having someone to replace her when needed. She would like to extend that opportunity to other dentists. Ultimately, she may decide to practice at one location; however, that decision is yet to be determined.

In addition to practicing dentistry, she will remain a staunch advocate for oral and public health, continue to motivate others through public speaking, and work diligently to encourage the next generation of healthcare providers through her non-profit organization.

Will Paradigm open again?2022-09-29T20:21:34-05:00

Dr. Rosenthal always seeks progression, and that decision is yet to be determined.

What will happen to the team? Where will they go?2022-09-29T20:21:24-05:00

We don’t say this boastfully, but we have had the honor of having some awesome team members to support our practice’s vision. Each is equipped with amazing talents and gifts. Where they will go and what they will do next will be their individual decisions. We are a family, so our connections will continue even after the practice closes.

If you are a dentist or dental organization in need of an exceptional front desk team member or assistant, our team members are willing to speak with you about positions available.

I am a patient of record and would like my dental records to be transferred to a new dental office. What should I do?2022-09-29T20:21:09-05:00

As a patient, you have the complete choice of your next dental provider, and you are able to authorize that we send your records to the clinician of your choice.

Complete the Request for Records Transfer form and submit it to us. You may also request the form to be faxed or emailed if you call the office (901.758.2127) by Thursday, Sept. 15, 2022. You can e-mail the form to paradigmappts@gmail.com, fax it to 901.758.2297, or mail the completed form to Paradigm Dental Center LLC, P.O. Box 25366, Memphis, TN 38125. After September 15, 2022, all requests will have to be sent via email to paradigmappts@gmail.com.

Is there a fee to obtain my records?2023-02-22T22:04:22-06:00

EFFECTIVE February 20, 2023: Electronic records requests will incur a fee of $20 per chart/family member. Mailed records are $25 per chart/family member. The link and/or QR code to pay are on the form on our website. Once the fee is paid, the record(s) will be distributed using the information on the release form.

IMPORTANT: Please understand that dental offices or providers may still require their own x-rays and images for diagnostic purposes. If this is the case, the office may charge you a fee.

It’s been a while since I was last seen at the office. How do I get copies of my records?2022-09-29T20:20:29-05:00

Records are unavailable for any patient who was last seen at our practice prior to July 1, 2015.

The office is now closed. How do I obtain my records?2022-09-29T20:20:07-05:00

After September 15, 2022, all requests will have to be sent via email to paradigmappts@gmail.com.