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Dental Checkups are Important | Dr. Smith, ODA President

Switch The Sugary Drinks For Fruit Infused Water

Switch The Sugary Drinks For Fruit Infused WaterIDEAS:
lemon + cucumber + mint
ginger + lemonapple + cinnamon stick
honeydew + cantaloupe
blueberry + pomegranate
blackberry + limeorange + mango
strawberry + mint
raspberry + limepineapple + mint
blueberry + strawberry
kiwi + mint + limemint + lavendar + lime
peach + watermelonMETHOD:
For a large batch of infused water, fill a pitcher with water mix […]

Don’t rush the brush

Don’t Rush the Brush
Oral health is the gateway to total health. The teeth, gums, and mouth allow us to eat good food, speak, and express emotion.
It’s elementary: brush twice a day, for two minutes each time, and floss one of those times.

Dentists are doctors, too — visit one annually for a checkup. Twice a […]